The benefits of Alkaline Foods

Having a complete healthy diet has many parts to it. Eating organic produce is one of them, but one must also not forget to have a balanced and varied diet. Consuming more fruits and vegetables is key to having a healthy lifestyle, but one must also pay close attention to your pH levels. pH is the measurement for how acidic or alkaline something is. Human pH level is best when it is slightly alkaline, around 7.4 is the optimum pH value. Although a healthy pH can be anywhere around 6.0 to 7.5. Meat, coffee, milk, cheese, alcohol, pasta and many other popular food products are highly acidic, to counter balance this, one must include more alkaline foods into their diet. A healthy diet should consist of 70% alkaline-forming foods and 30% acid-forming foods. The chart below shows an overview comparing foods with their pH levels. PH LEVELS IN FOOD   Acid-forming foods, makes it hard to bring our blood pH levels back into balance. When we lack alkaline-forming foods, our body extracts alkaline rich minerals from our bones and organs to balance the pH levels. This can then compromise our immune system and make us more vulnerable to diseases. People with high acidic diets tend to provide a favorable environment for the growth of yeast, fungus and cancer. That is why an alkaline diet is highly recommend to people suffering from cancer or that have undergone chemotherapy.

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