Fighting for a Sustainable Local Food Economy

Food is the key for change. We believe that the industry of food, health and agriculture has been deformed by multinational interests and that its true damage is now becoming apparent to everyone. Food is one the largest industries next to energy, but more than that its an industry that is directly connected with people, as we consume it and live on it on a daily basis. The true nature of food is that it is grown from soil, from nature and by real people, not machines, money or corporate interests. That is why there is a chance to take back the control of this economy. If we treat food production with respect, use agricultural practices that are sustainable and become respectful consumers we have a chance to bring the change we need to create sustainable planet and economy.

Eating local food is a political act that is helping promote your local economy. It’s a way of recognizing and supporting local farmers and artisans that put hard work and care in their work everyday. It is also a way to discredit and reject processed food factories, that are poising our children and rivers everyday. Our mission is to building authentic relationships between our producers, community and clients and being completely transparent about how we operate. We are doing this because we believe in a local, fair and honest world and want to do our bit to make it work.

A strong focus on Health

We have a strong focus on healthy foods. We believe that good food is medicine and that pharmaceuticals should be avoided at best. We believe that by eating a balanced diet of rich foods that are produced without pesticides, hormones and chemicals is the best way to stay healthy and strong. Everything that we sell and every producer that we work with is picked because of our strong focus on health. We will also do our best to inform you of why certain products are healthy for you and why you should eat them and help you become stronger and away from the doctors.