Bellaria an Organic Flexitarian Coffee Shop

If you could eat somewhere that not only was organic but everything was made taking into consideration the best ingredients for your body and mind, would you go? Well that’s exactly what you’ll find in Bellaria. What I started as a humble bakery developed into the first organic flexitarian café in Marbella. This is where I channel all my knowledge and passion for conscious eating – through my sweet and savoury creations. Bellaria has a bakery as well as a breakfast, lunch and sportsman menu. Our great focus is the vegan diet, not because we aim to exercise a sectarian regime (seriously, relax, enter with no fear) but to foment what organic truly represents: social and environmental wellbeing. The term ‘organic’ has been prostituted through trends, fashion and giants of the industry exploiting a new demand, thus making us forget what it really encompasses. It’s not just about pesticide free food, it’s about respecting the earth, the farmers, those who work day and night making sure the crops harvest – it’s about not exploiting, manipulating or damaging.


In Bellaria everything is made with conscience. The sugars we use have never been refined: we work with dates, coconut sugar, stevia and panela so you can enjoy your treats without fear. Everything is gluten free, but that’s not all: we don’t work with corn as it’s difficult for the body to digest. We only use sprouted buckwheat flour, quinoa or wholegrain rice. We sprout our legumes and activate our nuts and seeds to remove the enzyme inhibitors – that way you can absorb all their goodness. We make our own nut mylks and sweeten them with dates and superfoods such as lúcuma. We don’t work with soy or margarine. Margarine because it’s highly chemical – we use coconut oil instead; and soy for various reasons: it promotes environmental destruction, it has a component very similar to oestrogen thus producing hormonal imbalance and contains phytic acid, which prevents the absorption of nutrients.


It’s not easy knowing how to eat. We’ve been badly educated many years’ through institutions financed by food industries that depend on our consumption to succeed. That, my dear, is what I define as a conflict of interest. It’s never too late to make changes, especially when you can count on small fighters such as Bellaria and Los Hortelanos to ensure the best of the earth comes straight to your home completely guilt free

So come on, we invite you to try our delicious creations, and what excuse do you really have when it’s bought straight to you?

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